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Dear Computer,

Let me start this by saying we are all here because we love you. We love you and we just can’t bear to see you like this. So, we’re having an intervention… Please don’t look so angry… I’m sorry to ambush you like this, but you need help and we have your bags packed and a spot ready at the rehab center.

We all feel like it’s time to step in and help you help yourself. We love you and care what happens to you. Seeing you like this is painful and we just can’t sit back and watch you self destruct. One day you will understand and thank us.

We’re all here for you, through thick and thin. And we will all be waiting with open arms when you return.

Take care my friend. We love you.

Now, everyone let’s be super supportive of the computer and all give a big group hug.

There, there, Computer, it will fly by and you will return to us a happier and healthier computer.  It’ll all be over before you know it.


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Introducing Bo Fo Sho with his new hit, that’s fo sho destined to go Gold, Best Rapper Ever

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Just So’s Ya Know…

My computer is on the crack pipe again. Damn junkies.

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Happy ERD!!!

The Mister is back from New Orleans…  But, he has been in Hotlanta all day.  No clue when he’ll be home, but I’m dragging his ass shopping in retaliation… 

After a couple of ERD beers, of course.  Cheers!


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Whose husband was this? Fess up… 

Funny Pictures

Funny Videos

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My New Header…


What do you think?

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Avery has worn her witch hat all afternoon, while Henry has sported a pink, bejewelled and fir trimmed tiara and a turqouise feather boa.  He is a she today, according to Avery, and her name is Hiney McKelleken.   

The Mister would loooove these pics.  And so would Henry in about twelve years. 

You suck, Mister.  And I still won’t say what…

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