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So much to tell, so much time to tell it in…  I’ve started a new blog.  Twice.  But, it just never feels right.  It actually sucks.  Big ones.  Big sweaty nasty ones.  And who likes big sweaty nasty ones?  Nobody, that’s who.  Well, maybe somebody…  But, they’re freaks.  And we’re not…  So….  No big sweaty nasty ones for us.  Right?  (Unless you are a weirdo, and then we will still love you.  As long as you don’t talk about it…)

However, just for good measure, I make no promises.  I will do no woo-ing.  I will make no apologies.  Fucking apologies.  I think that’s one thing that made me quit you the last time…  The apologies.  Who likes to have to constantly apologize?  Not I.  So, let’s see what happens.  If you tune in, great.  Let’s see where it goes…  Maybe I’ll make good,  maybe I won’t. 

Probably not.  You all know me.  Better than most, actually.  And that, in itself, is sort of fucked up.  But, sort of cool at the same time… 

Hope you all are well.  I haven’t forgotten you.  Here’s to never having to lick any big nasty sweaties, my old friends!  CHEERS!



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