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Hot Pink Gloves…

Are Avery’s fashion accessory today…  Yep.  More Mommy Naptime Fun.  Hot pink hands.  And, in case you plan on donning your own pair, they go really well with green lips.  Ahhhhhh…. 

(Please refer to the green gloved hands of last week’s fashion craze.)


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The Princess is now four years old!  She’s growing up so quickly….

***WARNING:  Birthday picture overload!***

We decided for her birthday that it would be fun to spend the day/night just the three of us.  Total undivided Mommy and Daddy attention.  No Baby Henry.  So…  We got my mom to come watch Henry while we hit the road and headed to Hotlanta.

It was a blast and she was so excited!  She could barely contain herself the entire trip!  We stayed on the 58th floor of a very nice hotel, with floor to ceiling, wall to wall windows overlooking the city.  Wow.  The view was incredible.  (Of course Mom and Dad were much more impressed with that, although, she did think it was pretty damn cool.)  Then Avery had her first real fancy, schmancy dinner at the restaurant at the top of the hotel…  On the 72nd floor…  In a restaurant that spins!  It turns all the way around, 360 degrees.  The views, and the food, were outstanding. 

This is the view we had from our room…  The Mister and I put Avery to bed (she conked out and fell asleep…  We were sure she’d be up ’til midnight…)  He pulled the couch over and turned it to look out and we put the ottoman in front of us and sat there in total darkness staring out at the night skyline for a few hours.  It was beautiful and amazingly relaxing.  And this picture does not do it justice. 


Here’s Miss Priss all dressed up heading to dinner…  (This was the only disappointment of the whole trip…  The glass elevator that goes up 72 floors overlooking the city, was all blacked out.  We really wanted her to experience that.  But, thanks to our crazy ass Georgia weather, a tornado blew half the windows out…)


Her super duper Birthday pose:


Notice the different backgrounds!


And of course Baby had to come!  And had her own chair…


She got ice cream with a candle in it for dessert!  (I got a perfectly cooked mac daddy of a pork chop with fried oysters and bacon hollandaise on top, with green garlic mashed potatoes and Coca-Cola braised greens.  We’re in the South…  We cook everything with Coca-Cola.  Oh.my.god.it.was.good.  And baked fudge with haagen dazs on it for dessert.  Mmmmm….  The Mister got a filet (which my mouth was watering for, but I’m not messing up a yummy piece of meat by having to have it cooked medium well…  blech…) and a delicious smelling glass of wine.  Oh.my.god.it.smelled.good.  Avery got chicken fingers, that she of course didn’t eat.)

After dinner we headed out to Atlantic Station, this neat little shopping/dining area and that’s where she conked out…  We were going to take her shopping, but that was a no-go.  So, we went back to the hotel and cuddled by the window.

Yesterday morning, she got up to a present, breakfast downstairs at Starbucks (where I had my first caffeine of the pregnancy!  WAHOOO.  I seriously miss coffee more than beer.  Who’d of thought that???)  Then we headed to the Georgia Aquarium for the day. 

We love that place, and haven’t been since Avery was about one, so it was a new experience for her!  She absolutely loved, loved, loved it.  She went bananas.  Her love of animals is so cool to us and we try to nurture it as much as possible.  Anyway, the aquarium rocks!  It’s the largest in the world!  That’s a shitload of marine life/aquatic animals to see.  Plus, they have the Titanic exhibit there right now, which was very, very interesting.  (And supposedly haunted.)


I’ll spare you most of my 179 pictures from the aquarium.  Although, I’ll tell you some of the highlights…  She got her face painted with a butterfly (which she promptly smeared everywhere and had to have redone,) she got to touch sting rays, sharks, sea anemones, starfish and crab, she got to go behind the scenes to see the penguins (their exhibit has been closed for a bit while they build the new ginormous dolphin habitat,) play in a super cool ocean themed indoor playground, went to a very cool 3d movie and she bonded with the alligators.  Seriously.  They followed her everywhere she walked when she was at their exhibit…  She is her mother’s daughter.  I think she just loved seeing all the fish the most, though.




After a very tiring day at the aquarium, we headed home (she actuallynapped…  the child quit napping when she turned two!)  When we got here, Mom had the whole place decorated with streamers and we made her requested carrot cake cupcakes for her party last night.  (NO clue why she wanted them.  Of course, she wouldn’t touch them!  But, she had fun making them.  They’re hideous by the way…  Pink icing, red and yellow balloons and pink and yellow carrots with pastel sprinkles.  Don’t ask.  They’re fugly.)  We headed off to her favorite Japanese restaurant, where the in-laws met us, and we ate and ate and ate…  They came and banged their drums and sang happy birthday, then we went home and had our little family party. 

We had the fugly carrot cake cupcakes, ice cream, party hats and noise makers, etc…  Then she opened her presents.  And I must say, we scored big this year.  She’s been waaaay into her babies and we got her all baby stuff.  She is still practically vibrating with excitement over it.  Score for Mommy!  All the baby stuff wasn’t even on our list…  I had a last minute change of mind and loaded the buggy full.  Good call on my part.  Even Henry has enjoyed it, especially pushing the stroller.  I should have thought of this before.  They’ve been playing quietly.  Together. 



Look at that teamwork!  (Henry was very interested in that highchair.  He drove us freaking batty until someone put the damn thing together for him!)



Anyway, it was a spectacular birthday for the Princess!  I can’t believe she’s four years old.  My big, beautiful, sweet, compassionate girl.  Before I know it, she’ll be six, then eight, then ten, then a teenager!  Ahhhhh!!!!!! 

Okay, I’m off to polish off a hideously ugly, but oh so yummy, carrot cake cupcake.  (Shhh…  I also have half a bowl of cream cheese icing…  My ass will soon be joining my belly in the monstrously large department.)

P.S.  I don’t want to jinx it or anything, but, think I may be back.  However, I’ve said that before, haven’t I?  And I promise to try and catch up on some reading and the spreading of some comment love.  I’m waaaay overdue.

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In case you weren’t aware, gloves are all the rage…  Especially green ones.




(And that’s after a few good scrubbings…) 

This is what happens when Mom lets the four year old do art so that she can nap.  Green gloves and bangs…  Which still makes me cringe.  Her hair was all one length.  Grrr…  I’d been letting those bad boys grow out for almost two years.  Do you know what a royal pain in the ass it is to let bangs grow out??? 

I think there’s a lesson somewhere in there to be learned…  Art supplies and napping moms don’t mix, maybe?

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For A Good Time…

I had my first OB appointment today…  (I’ve been seeing my fertility guy up ’til now…  Guess I felt I needed to pay him for something, since we hadn’t written him out some of the biggest checks of our lives this pregnancy…)  It went well.  Except he did my yearly exam, too…  That part wasn’t so fun, but whatever.  At least it gave me an excuse to rid myself of the giant tarantula… 

I didn’t even mind the initial 1.5 hour wait…  Hell, I was out of the house and enjoying a little uninterrupted HGTV and several issues of Family Circle…   (By the way, did you know that you can cure a mosquito bite itch with Windex?) 

Then Kate Gosselin gave me an ultrasound.  Seriously.  She was Kate’s look a like, with the freaky hair and everything.  But, she was nice…  She didn’t roll her eyes once while making that bulldog bitch from hell face, smack anybody, growl or yell or obsessively scrub anything…  So the hair and face were the only resemblance.  (Unless she has a stepping out husband of Asian descent…)  I really wanted to suggest she get a new hairdo, but I decided that she must actually like Kate’s hair, so I kept it shut.  But that is seriously one fucked up ass hairdo.

Anyway, the ultrasound with non-bitchy Kate was fun!  The baby now looks like a baby and not like a guinea pig.  He/She was moving all around and we got some really cute shots for the fridge.  (Don’t you just love looking at other people’s ultrasound pictures?  You know you do.  Maybe I’ll scan them for you so you can tell me how cute the baby is, since you can clearly tell the baby is gorgeous from the ultrasound pic.)

The appointment from start to finish seriously took over three hours.  NO complaints from me.  Nope.  Imagine being so cooped up all the time that three hours of waiting in the doctor’s office is the best time you’ve had in a while.  That’s pretty bad…  I was in such good damn spirits, I even drove through somewhere and got a milkshake and whistled happy songs on the way home.  (Then I called the sitter to see if she could come and let me continue my leisurely afternoon with some fried calamari and a good book at a nearby restaurant while the Mister is at a meeting…) 

When I got home, so the Mister could go to his meeting, I found this waiting on me:


BFF Laura sent them to me!  With a sweet little note attached.  Gotta love coming home to flowers…  Especially from friends.  (Since those are the only people that ever send me flowers…  Did you think they were from the Mister?!?!)  Not sure why I linked her…  She never blogs anymore.  *hint*hint*

I also came home to this:


And this:


And this:


Looks like the kids had fun, too, while Mommy was living it up in the doctor’s office waiting room… 

You know what I’m going to do?  Not clean that shit up.  Nope, I’m going to sit my ass down, let the kids wallow in all their toys and hope that the sitter calls me soon so I can run like hell.  (And then bribe her with booze and extra money to clean it up for me.)

(Oh and did I mention Henry now has the tummy bug?  Yeah.  See, I really do need to run.)

P.S.  If you’re wondering what the lovely pink flamingo streamers are doing strung up over the bar, well, I’ll tell you…  It’s the latest and greatest of the new home decorating trends that I’m starting.  Like it?  You’ll be totally hip if you do it, too.  I promise…  No.  Not really. 

There’s actually a really cute story behind the streamers (there’s also a palm tree and a blow up seahorse hanging from the breakfast room chandelier…)  When Avery couldn’t go to her End of the Year Party Friday, due to the pink ladybug in her tummy (that what she calls it,) and cried hysterically about missing it, my Mom decided to surprise us… 

She drove an hour and a half with a car full of shit, saying, “Since Avery couldn’t go to her party, I brought a party to her!”  She showed up with streamers, balloons, cups, plates, decorations galore, grass skirts, parrot hats, party games, the whole nine yards, just for my sweet sick Princess to have her own party.  How freaking awesome is that?  It seriously makes me tear up thinking about it now.  (She must have been taking some serious happy pills that afternoon…)

And….  Mom walked in with her arms full of this stuff, with a big, bright smile on her face, ready to yell “Surprise!,” right as Avery was being put into time out for cutting her hair off…  Yeah.

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After spending the last two days knee deep in buckets full of puke and poop (not of my own…,) ear infections and all day sickness (both of those were me…,) I didn’t think we would get around to any special treat making…  However, being the sweet and ever thoughtful child that my little Princess Avery is, we couldn’t let her request for all of her school friends to have a special goodie to take home for the last day of school go unfulfilled.

So, the Mister and I got out the pans and made these adorable little flowers about ten last night…  We were up for a little while, but they didn’t take too long.  She is going to be so excited when she sees them!  (She wanted to help, but I wasn’t going to contaminate them with sick germs, just in case.  “Happy Summer, here’s a case of the shits for you to enjoy!”  No way.)



Now if I can just get them to school in time… 

(See!  Told ya I was starting to feel better!)

ETA:  The Return of the Tummy Bug has hit this morning and Avery is not going to be able to go to school.  She is bawling, poor thing.  I called her teacher because I have to get the goodie bags and the teachers’ gifts to them… And there is an End of the Year Cookout today that I have all the drinks for…  Ugh.  I’m just going to meet the teacher at the playground, where the cookout is, and drop it all off.  Poor Avery!  I feel soooo badly for her.  I could cry right along with her.

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Today Wasn’t…

the return of the funny…

I don’t think.

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Happy Monday!

I’m feeling a zillion times better.  (*knocking on wood*)  But, I somehow managed to get an ear infection.  Niiiiiice.  Anyway….

Just wanted to pop in and give you all big virtual hug and say HAPPY MONDAY.  Hope you all had a fabulous Mother’s Day.  I certainly did!  The Mister and the kids spoiled me rotten all weekend.  God, I love that man.  And I couldn’t ask for sweeter, funnier, better kids!  I love being  Mommy and a wife and just being me, in general. 

Can you tell I feel better?  Hellz yeah.  I think I’m on the mend, my friends.  I can even feel my funny coming back. 

But, you’ll have to wait on something really worth reading until later today.  I have a zillion errands to run…  And I actually feel like doing it!  And am humming a happy tune as we get ready!  While I sip my grande decaf cinnamon dulce latte from Starbucks.  You have no idea how exciting it is to feel good and feel like getting dressed and out this damn house!

Nausea be gone.

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