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And, guess what I found…



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We were recommended tubes.  PRONTO.  So, my little seven month old is going to be put to sleep next week and hacked on.  Yikes.  After three rocephin shots and two rounds of antibiotics (and this being the fourth ear infection already and the second that has required rocephin,) his little ear is not one iota better.  Poor baby.  I am glad we are doing it.  We should have done it for Avery…  Hopefully, we’ll kick some ear infections asses from now on.  I did really think, though, that the only surgery in our family’s near future would be some new boobs and a tummy tuck for mommy… 

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Okay, so I am totally intrigued by Bollywood, now…  The night started on a totally different note, Bollywood coming out of left field. 

We started the evening off with dinner with our good friends and neighbors, Mrs. Dentist & Hubby and their daughter, Avery’s BFF, Sophie…  Then it carried on at our house once the kids were asleep….  Mr. Hubby had us laughing at a dumbass youtuber doing this ….   (We are on the Alabama line, afterall, so we’ve seen similar…  Although, I can’t get on Alabama’s case too badly, you can buy beer there on Sunday…) Then, he turned us on to this, knowing the Mister’s affection for bizarre Japanese gameshows… 

Eventually, the conversation somehow turned to Bollywood…  A while back, the Mister grew “fond” of a Bollywood song which was on the soundtrack of Inside Man.  We listened to it a couple of times and I joked about getting him the cd for Christmas, but that was it.  I have never really known that much about Bollywood.  I always just assumed it was full of super cool, mega-stars like here.  But, I don’t think it is…  I think I was wrong.  Yes, call me global super star stupid….  Anyway, we watched this video tonight and, let’s just say, it was a far cry from ultra cool..  It was a nouveau, train-top, non-zombie version of Thriller.  Seriously.  I was shocked.  We have had great fun around here tonight with our girating hips and mock thriller dances… 

I’m so off to research Bollywood.  And, to pat msyelf on the back for figuring out how to put links in here!  Yay, me.  Now, let me just make sure they work…

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M&Ms Don’t Work

Why, oh why, is hiding under the breakfast room table a much better place to poop than in the potty???  Because apparently, it is….

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And the overshare award goes to…..

Today was muuuuch better than yesterday.  Avery wasn’t out to get me, Baby Henry seemed to feel a bit better and I didn’t go psycho on anyone.  Although, the baby had another rocephin shot because his ear is apparently just awful, and will have another Friday.  On a happier note, his little lungs are sounding clearer, so we are slowing down the albuterol.  And, I had tennis practice tonight, so I got to get out of the house and take some frustration out on a few hundred tennis balls.

The Mister met me there so that he could stay with Henry while Aves and I went to the “cookie store” for groceries.  However, she had other plans, and Daddy and his girl actually wound up going to his office to visit and I stayed there…  I guess he decided he would be proactive in preventing any mommy melt-downs and cancelled a meeting to do dr. duty.  (Last night, he also took Avery and they cooked dinner while mommy had a stiff vodka drink and watched last week’s Lost on the computer…) 

The Mister was taking his sweet time getting there, so we signed in and were hanging around the sick kid check-in desk. (No way in hell was I allowing Avery into that waiting room…  We just got her well.)  And, leave it to my little princess……  Baby Henry was on the floor in his carrier and Avery was on my hip.  It was extremely busy and lots of parents and kids were there, all looking miserable, but smiling politely at one another….  And…  My little gem starts rubbing my boob.  I brushed her hand away and ignored it the first few times and then finally told her, very quietly, to knock it off. 

She did it again and I said, trying hard to be discreet “Stop…  Stop!  Just what the heck are you doing????” She says, very loudly, with genuine interest and concern, in her sweetest little girl voice, “Your boobies!” *pat, pat* “Your boobies, Mommy!  What happened to them???”  I looked around, mortified, at all the other moms that are trying really hard not to laugh.  I said in a hushed voice, “We don’t talk about boobies in public, nor do we touch them.  It’s not nice.”  To which she asks again “But, WHAT happened to them???”  I lean close to her ear to reiterate that it’s not nice, but before I could open my mouth, she busts out with “BUT, MOMMY, THEY GOT BIG!!!!”  There was no stifling laughter after that….  What could I say????  The child is perceptive…. So, I answered with, after scanning for minimal male ears, “Becuase Mommy has on a padded bra.  Now, HUSH!”  Good thing she is so damn cute. 

See….  I told you, the new chicken cutlets really are the bomb…  Even my 2.5 year old notices my new cleavage.

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A shout out to my brother, since I went all “Mom” today…  It’s 6:30 and I wasn’t kidding, I really just mixed up some Crystal Light for my vodka.  (It was that or cherry koolaid…)   😉

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I just hit the crazy lottery.  I mean, the big time mega-millions crazy jackpot.  When they say that the “trying threes” can be bad, they weren’t kidding.  The closer Avery gets to turning three, the more she tries my patience.  We now have absolutely no t.v. for the rest of day.  Since she has been sick, she has gotten very fond of television.  I needed something much worse than a timeout to get through to her today.  Maybe, I should have had a girl’s night last night and gotten the hell out of dodge for a little bit.  A little refresher… 

I love being at home with my kids, more than anything in the world, and I think Avery is the funniest, smartest, cutest thing around, but I could have either packed her up and shipped her off today, or packed myself up and ran…  Baby Henry would have been okay in the pack’n’play til daddy got here.  I do feel awful.  I totally snapped and not only scared her, I scared the shit out of myself.  I had to go to another room to calm down.  Then she further tested me and I seriously forced her to her playroom.  She cried (she’s totally fine now, she’s in there playing like nothing happened….) and I didn’t wince a bit.  

She has been on a naughty streak today.  All with a smile on her face, while looking right at me.  I’m just tired from two sick kids for a solid week, I guess.  What’s really disturbing is that I saw my mother come out.  The “other mother” that was a crazy yeller.  The raging, blind-fury, shaking mother….  The one I swore I would never act like.  (If you ever read this mom, sorry….  I love you and learned lots of great things from you…  Like how important it is to not scream and cry or jerk the car onto the shoulder of the road telling your small children that you are having a nervous breakdown…) 

I feel awful now.  I’ve never, ever acted, much less felt, like that before…  Avery has forgotten it, but I don’t know that I ever will….  I felt out of control.  I mean, honestly, it was the maddest she has EVER made me or seen me.  I could just feel myself about blow a gasket.  See, I told you there was a storm coming….

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